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Hi, I'm Angela. I make things.

Hello! My name is Angela, and I like to make things. I’ve painted, drawn, sculpted and made jewelry ever since I can remember. I think I was 8 years old when I discovered some paints my mom abandoned in another failed crafting attempt. I started painting and never looked back. 

After graduating with an art degree, I worked in graphic design & illustration for...many years. : ) When print design moved to the web, I moved into jewelry design and opened Olive Yew Jewelry!  We grew quickly and it was an exciting and very busy time. I worked all hours - we were selling on over 20 sites & in over 120 stores throughout the world. One day, I realized I’d missed more family birthdays than I had attended in previous years. 


This was not the life I wanted to lead, so I closed Olive Yew & took some time off to devote to learning more about my first love again: creative design & freehand illustration. Quite a bit of coursework later in surface pattern design & illustration, and I'm back!


So that’s exactly what I’m doing now, and tickled pink to be able to share my creations with you stationed from the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, I'll humbly ask: what can I design AND draw to create your business to life?

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